explore the world, find yourselfAt the Y, there is a camping program for everyone! From day camp and overnight (resident) camp to family, there is a suitable camp to inspire and engage any camper.


Camping at the Y is a fun and unique experience that gives children and teens the opportunity to discover their full potential, meet new friends, play and create memories that last a life time. Camping, like many Y programs, is about learning skills, developing character and making friends. But few environments are as special as camp, where kids become a community as they learn both how to be more independent and how to contribute to a group as they engage in physical, social and educational activities.

Camp RogerOvernight Camps at Camp Roger

With so many distractions, youth aren’t spending enough time outdoors. Through camping, children and teens explore nature, become a community and develop confidence, independence, leadership and social skills. Camping teaches self-reliance, a love for nature and the outdoors, and the development of attitudes and practices that build character and leadership—all amidst the fun of camp fires, archery, cookouts, and meaningful relationships. Y counselors are dedicated to making sure camp is an amazing experience for every camper.

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SwimSummer Day Camps

The Y Summer Day Camp is a fun and unique experience that gives children and teens the opportunity to discover their full potential, play, meet new friends and create memories that last a lifetime. Y Camp is all about learning outside of school, exploring and appreciating the outdoors, developing new skills, making friends and showing leadership. Youth have a chance to develop confidence and independence by taking on new responsibilities and challenges.





Holiday Day Camps

Not sure how to handle those holidays during the school year when work duties call? We’re here to help! The Y has a full-day camp program available that will expose your youth to an expanded version of our morning and afterschool programs. Each day will fly by with a theme that builds upon itself from the tip o’ the morning to the tail of the day! Come play with us…

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